6 Things Your Field Sales Team Should Carry In Their Vehicles For Emergencies

If you manage a team of salespeople who are out on the road every day, their cars become their offices. As such, it's a good idea to make sure your employees have some basic supplies in their vehicles to handle emergencies away from home, since you don't want them to lose time away from work or put themselves in danger. Here are six ideas for items your field sales team should always carry with them.

Reflective Gear

If an employee has to make an emergency stop, especially after dark, they need to be able to alert other vehicles to give them a wide berth. Equip them with a set of reflective triangles (easier than flares) and a reflective vest.

Emergency Contact Numbers

In case an employee can't reach the fleet department, if your employees drive their own vehicles, or if you don't have anyone to manage your company cars, your employees need emergency numbers they can contact on their own for roadside assistance.

These days, many vehicles and most fleet cars have special transponder keys that not only operate the door locks but activate or lock the ignition as well. If a salesperson loses a key or their keys stop working, any old locksmith cannot simply fix the problem. Have your employees carry the name of an area locksmith like Advance Lock & Key that knows specifically how to create new transponder keys and work with the auto's manufacturer if necessary for codes.

Likewise, have your employees carry the numbers for reliable towing and mobile tire services or a general roadside assistance program.

Jumper Cables

On busy days for tow trucks, it may be easier for your employees to jumpstart a stalled vehicle than to wait for assistance. They should carry jumper cables with instructions in the glove box on how to use them.

Fire Extinguisher

A fire under the hood can quickly get out of control and ruin the entire vehicle. If the fire reaches the gas tank, it can cause a lethal explosion. Give your employees small portable fire extinguishers made for car fires to carry in the trunk or back seat.

Tire Gauge

Your employees should know how to check their tire pressure, so if they need air, they can pull off the road to supply it and give an adequate amount. A tire gauge is an inexpensive item to slip in the glove box for whenever it's needed.

Emergency Supplies

Consider giving each employee a plastic bin with emergency supplies, including

  • extra washer fluid
  • spare windshield wiper blades
  • flashlight
  • small first aid kit
  • rain poncho
  • duct tape (can tape up a loose muffler or broken side mirror for short distances)
  • water and granola bars
  • winter supplies, as needed, such as kitty litter for traction in snow, a fold-up shovel, an ice scraper, and an emergency blanket

Keep roadside problems from turning into true emergencies, and keep your crew from losing valuable time dealing with car problems when they need to be making sales calls. Outfit them with the list above, and they'll be able to get back to work more quickly and safely.