Three Hidden Costs Of Do-It-Yourself Moving

While you're trying to make the fateful decision of whether or not you'll hire a moving company to get you to your new home, you'll have a lot of factors to consider. In addition to wondering about whether you need the expertise of a moving company to handle large furniture, breakable items, and so on, you may want to think about the relative costs involved. You'll pay more up front if you hire a moving company, but what you lose in breakages or even just peace of mind when you don't use a moving company may make it worth the price. And if not, you should also calculate how much a do-it-yourself move will actually cost you before deciding that professional movers are out of your price range. Here are three costs of moving by yourself that you may not have taken into consideration yet.

1. Insurance

Professional movers often offer insurance as part of the moving package, especially if you choose a "white glove" moving service. If you forgo professional movers, you'll have to think very carefully about whether your belongings are properly insured. Some homeowners' insurance policies may cover some of your belongings during a move, but there are often exceptions (such as leaving out items that are breakable, which are the important ones to have insured anyway). So you may need to take out additional insurance for the move if you don't use a moving service.

2. Moving truck expenses

Fuel costs may not seem like such a big issue until you consider what bad mileage large trucks get. Even a move of moderate distance within the same state can end up costing a lot of fuel when you're driving such a large vehicle. And rental companies may charge fees on top of the truck rental costs (such as an "environmental" fee used to offset the truck's emissions). And on top of all that, you're responsible for the rental truck when it's in your possession, so you'll have to pay any tolls and if the truck breaks down you may even have to pay to have it towed for repairs.

3. Storage

Moving yourself can take days of dedicated work, and even if you're renting a moving truck, you can only move so much at a time. And what if your moving-in date gets delayed while your moving-out date stays the same? You may find it necessary to put some of your belongings in storage to give yourself enough time to make the transition. Even if a professional moving company could be expected to make the move within a day or two, you can't expect that of yourself (especially if you have a full-time job). 

These three costs can spring on you suddenly and stretch your moving budget to the max. Be sure to consider the likelihood of having to pay for these hidden costs before you make up your mind to complete your move alone. If you think that you might need help, contact a business such as Freedom Movers, LLC.