The Do's And Don'ts Of Moving A Wine Collection

Moving can change everything in your life for a little while. From the moment you decide that a move is in order to after you have unpacked everything in your new house, moving can take a lot of time and energy from anyone. Don't let moving your wine collection stress you out during the move. Here are the do's and don'ts of moving with your wine collection to ensure that both you and your prized collection make it to your new home in top shape.

Do Check the Temperature on Your Wine

When you go to prepare the wine for the move, some of the newer bottles of wine can be packed away without a lot of consideration, especially if you don't have a long-distance move. However, for older wine, you need to be sure that you are storing it at the right temperatures at all time. You may need to pack some wines in insulated conditions during the move so that the taste isn't damaged.

It may cost a bit more, but you might even be able to find moving trucks that are refrigerated or insulated.

Don't Try to Pack Your Wine with Other Things

When you decide to get a moving truck rental, you may think that you have the time you need to simply fit things in the truck as you go. It may feel like you will remember that you packed the wine in with kitchen goods, so you don't want to label it. However, this can be a bad mistake. All the boxes may start to look alike after a while. Pack wine only in designated boxes and label the wine carefully.

This will ensure you know exactly how the boxes are packed into the truck and will help prevent those boxes from being damaged. Contact a truck rental company like Del's Truck Rentals for specific tips on how to best load a truck for moving.

Do Rely on Professional Movers

Relying on professional movers can help ensure that your wine stays safe. If you try to move yourself or rely on friends to do it for you, your wine may be at greater risk. Professional movers are used to handling boxes with care, but a friend who is just helping out may not be used to lifting heavy or fragile items, which can mean they are not able to hold them as steady as a professional will.

Finally, keep in mind that wine does get better with age, but you must treat your wine in a manner that preserves its good qualities. If in doubt about how to move your wine, you may even contact the winemaker to see if there are any special considerations if the wine has to be in certain conditions. It is within your power to protect your collection, and your movers want to help you keep your belongings protected during the moving process.