Packing Tips For Sending A Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree By Mail

If you're browsing an antique market in the fall, you may be keeping your eyes open for not only vintage decorations that you can use around your own home, but also those that you can send to friends. While many people enjoy modern decorative elements around the holidays, others feel that there's nothing better than a selection of items that are vintage. One item that you might find for sale is a vintage ceramic Christmas tree, which is typically a small and intricate decoration. If you're thinking about giving it to someone and you need to send it by mail, here are some packing tips.

Use Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is an effective packing product for securing fragile items that you're sending in the mail. Measure out a length of bubble wrap that will completely cover your ceramic Christmas tree, and then wrap the tree. Do so tightly, but not so tightly that you risk damage to any of the tree's finer design elements, such as small decorations of candles positioned on the limbs. Secure the bubble wrap with one or more pieces of clear tape.

Cut Styrofoam To Fit

There's a high risk of your vintage ceramic tree getting broken while in transit, so you'll need to protect it in a series of ways. Your first priority will be to buy two pieces of Styrofoam that are larger than the tree once you've wrapped it in a layer of bubble wrap. Cut facing triangles in each piece of foam that are slightly larger than the tree itself. Ensure that your depth is appropriate so that when you place the tree in one piece of foam and place the other over it, there isn't much room for the tree to bounce around. Once you've enclosed the tree in the Styrofoam, seal the two pieces of Styrofoam together with tape.

Choose A Proper Box

While it might be cost effective to place the Styrofoam in a padded bubble mailer, doing so won't provide optimal protection for your vintage ceramic Christmas tree. Instead, buy a box that is slightly larger than your foam. Place the foam into the box and tightly pack any open spaces with packing peanuts. Doing so will prevent anything from moving around inside of the box while it's in transit, which should keep your ceramic gift intact for the recipient to open. Seal the box carefully with tape and take it to your local post office.

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