It's Time To Start Thinking About Toiletry Bottles

Going on a trip? Whether you're taking a multi-week holiday or going for a quick weekend getaway, any journey starts with packing. Most people spend the majority of their time and energy packing clothes, but toiletry packing is just as important. Relying on your hotel or host to provide you with the supplies that you need is often a recipe for disaster, especially if you have a specific morning (or evening) routine that you like to follow. If your medicine cabinet and shower are overloaded with products that you can't live without, then this article will help you to find the best solution for packing your essentials.

Go Green: Ditch the Disposables

The first step to a better travel kit is saying goodbye to disposable travel-sized toiletries. It's tempting to stop by your local big box store and grab a few items before every trip, but this is both wasteful and means that you may have to give up your favorite products. A variety of reusable travel bottles are available, and you can find everything from cheap, near-disposable quality examples to high-end glass bottles.

Feel free to go nuts (if your budget allows), but keep practicality in mind. A good travel bottle should be durable, large enough to last for the duration of the trip, but not too large that you end up taking more than you need. Many companies offer sets of bottles, but there's nothing wrong with mixing and matching. Be sure to grab enough bottles to cover the basics (conditioner, shampoo, body wash, etc.), but grab a few more if you typically take astringents or other cosmetic supplies on your trips.

Mad About Lids

When choosing your travel bottles, pay special attention to the lids. The cap on any bottle is what makes it genuinely suitable for travel, and this may be the difference between convenient packing and a massive mess in your travel bag. For non-pump bottles, flip-up lids are a standard option. It is also a good idea to watch out for containers with lids that can be screwed off. Not only are these lids potentially replaceable if you decide that you need a better one, but a fully removable lid also makes filling the bottle much easier.

Pump bottles can be trickier. One option is to move your product into a non-pump travel bottle, but this can make application inconvenient. If you have pump products that you want to take along with you, then consider buying some travel caps for pump bottles. These come in standard sizes that fit a variety of bottle types, and they often include a cap that can be fit over the top of the bottle to prevent accidental pumps.

Whatever you choose, remember that packing toiletries for a trip is about making your life more convenient once you arrive. Pick bottles and lids that will help to keep your products in place, but that won't become a source of frustration as you enjoy your holiday.