No Experience? No Problem: 3 Tips To Help New CDL Drivers Get Hired

The demand for truck drivers has remained high in the past few years. Many of the country's consumer goods are shipped using tractor-trailers. If you have recently acquired your CDL and you are looking to get hired, you may run into some challenges.

Despite the high demand for drivers, many companies are only looking for employees who already have experience behind the wheel. This usually precludes new CDL drivers.

Here are some tips that you can use to find CDL truck driver positions that will allow you to use your CDL and gain the experience you need to advance in your career.

1. Send Out Lots of Applications

It's important for new drivers to cast a wide net when trying to get hired on with a trucking company. You should fill out applications for every trucking company that you can find as soon as your CDL becomes valid.

Sending out lots of applications gives you the opportunity to interview for multiple positions. You are more likely to find an employer that is willing to take a chance on an experienced driver when you increase the number of interviews you secure during your job search.

2. Target Large Carriers

New CDL drivers often have more luck securing a paying position when they target the large carriers that transport goods across the country.

You must be willing to accept any type of position offered by these mega carriers if you want to get your foot in the door. This means that you may be driving a less-than-desirable route until you gain the experience needed to request a more favorable route.

Large carriers need a lot of drivers to maintain their shipping routes, so they are a little more lenient when it comes to the amount of experience their new drivers have.

You can build a very successful career driving for a large carrier if you are willing to accept any position you are offered as a new driver.

3. Expand Your Search Beyond Trucking

A valid CDL gives you the ability to legally operate a wide range of commercial vehicles. This means that you can expand your job search beyond just tractor-trailer openings and target other commercial driving opportunities as well.

You might be able to find work driving a dump truck for a construction company or a snow plow for a municipal government agency. These types of jobs will give you the experience you need to get hired on as a tractor-trailer driver in the future.