How Does Personal Assistant Staffing Agency Make Hiring Easier?

Are you searching for a personal assistant who understands what you want even before you say it? A good PA will fit with your personality, get things done, and take care of all the nitty-gritty needed to run your professional and personal life. So, where do you get such a person? A personal assistant staffing agency makes it possible to hire the perfect PA in several ways.

Scout For Good Talent 

Putting up an ad on job websites attracts all kinds of candidates, many of them may not be your fit. It could take you a lot of time and effort to interview all the candidates. Unfortunately, this recruitment route is not time and cost-effective. However, delegating this task to a professional recruiter is more efficient. A personal assistant staffing agency has the manpower to pick through hundreds of personal assistant applications and get the right candidate. They can also rely on their contacts in the human resources industry to reach out to good candidates. 

One advantage of using a PA staffing agency is access to their expertise. If you don't have a background in HR management, you may not know what to look for in your interviews. A staffing agency has HR professionals who understand and know how to implement best practices in HR to get the right candidate.

Highlight Your Profile

Good professional personal assistants can be picky because they know it is a unique role in straddling professional and personal spaces. You need to look like a good employer to pull in such good talent. Fortunately, a personal assistant staffing agency will package you as an attractive brand and good employer. They will offer insights into the work you do and how the PA will fit into it. They can also find out about counter-offers and make yours even better.

Faster Recruitment 

What do you do when you want a good candidate on short notice? It is unlikely that you can do credible recruitment in a week. But you can rely on a professional recruiter to find you a good fit and do it fast.

A personal assistant staffing agency keeps a database of prospective personal assistants. When you tell them the profile of the person you need, they filter through the files to get you several candidates you can interview. This way, you can have a capable PA in just a few days. 

Are you looking for a capable PA and don't know where to start? Contact a personal assistant staffing agency. They will help you find your preferred candidate profile.