Repairing Metal Roofing Damages

Metal roofing is a durable option that will be able to serve your home well for many years. To help maximize the durability of your home's metal roofing, it is important to avoid making some common assumptions.

Assumption: Rust Is the Most Common Issue Your Metal Roof Will Experience

Homeowners will often assume that rust is the most likely problem that their metal roofing will experience. While it is true that rust can be an issue for some metal roofing, these roofing materials are designed and treated to be extremely resistant to corrosion. Leaks, dents, and punctures are some of the more common types of damage that your metal roofing will need to have repaired. This is especially true when the roof is struck by falling branches.

Assumption: Leaks Are More Difficult to Repair In Metal Roofs

Due to the fact that the roof is made of metal panels, individuals can assume that it will be more difficult to repair leaks. In reality, it is fairly simple to effectively and quickly repair the leaks that a metal roof has developed. Once the source of the leak is found, an appropriate metal roof repair plan can be implemented. In cases where the source of the leak is fairly large, replacing the impacted panels can be the most reliable repair option. However, smaller leaks may be repaired through the use of a patch. Leaks in the roof should always be treated as an urgent matter as failing to repair this issue will allow large amounts of water to enter the home where it may cause severe damage to the interior.

Assumption: Rattling Noises from the Roof Is Not A Significant Issue

Individuals may assume that it is normal for a metal roof to make a rattling sound during times when the wind is blowing. In reality, this can be a potential warning sign that the metal roofing panels are not properly secured to the home. Over the years, the nails and screws that hold these panels in place can start to loosen. Failing to have this issue addressed can increase the risk of the roof suffering a major failure during strong storms. Luckily, this is not a particularly expensive or involved type of repair to have completed. For those that live in areas that regularly experience strong storms or high winds, delays in having this repair work completed can prove to be very costly as it may lead to the entire roof needing to be replaced and structural repairs completed to the home.