White Glove Moving Service: Your Preferred Partner In Moving Delicate Goods

There is a chance that you've moved your belongings from one place to another at one point in time. You had a choice to either do it by yourself or contract a professional moving company for the work. After the day's work, were you happy or sad? Sad, maybe because some of your items broke, or happy because most of the items arrived at their destination safely. To avoid the sad scenario, consider contracting a white-glove moving service. White glove is elevated care and attention to detail. That means you're not just getting a service but a high-level and meticulously planned moving service.

Why Choose White Glove Moving Service? 

This service is available for anyone who needs it, but it's indispensable when moving high-end or fragile items that require a high level of attention to detail. Below are some of the reasons to use a white glove moving company.

Safety of items 

Unlike standard movers, white glove movers take special care to ensure the safety of your items and ensure they arrive intact as packed. That is because the companies take an extra step to install padding to their vehicles to provide that additional protection. 

Specialized equipment

Another benefit of using a white glove moving service is mechanization and instrumentation. These mover teams are composed of highly trained and skilled members with professional tools and specialized equipment like mobile cranes and forklifts for handling a range of items, including bulky and delicate ones. 

Wholesome Approach

A white glove moving service guarantees premium service that assures even your tiniest of items will reach their destination. They'll even clean where you're moving out from and where you are moving into. No lost items, no delays, and no excuses!

Packing and Unpacking

If you've ever moved, you can attest that packing and unpacking are stressful parts of the moving process. But that is not the case with white glove moving because that is taken care of by the company. They'll dismantle, pack, transport, and unpack your items at their destination. 

Assembly or Installation

Unpacking is not the end of the process for white moving services. They go further to the point of assembling and installing components. White glove companies will rearrange your furniture, hang your hangable, and reassemble and install your electronics like mounting your television in your new house or office.


If your items cost a fortune to replace or repair if they break or are of the nature that can break at slight mishandling, then don't risk it. Call a white glove moving service to take care of the relocation.