Wine Tasting By Helicopter: How To See The Most Wineries In A Short Time

If you're visiting an area known for its excellent wines, you may find that there are more wineries you'd like to see than you have time for. Since you can't stop time, you can do the next best thing -- speed up your travel time by chartering a helicopter to transport you from one tasting room to the next.

A helicopter charter wine tasting tour is not cheap, but it can be a great way to quickly visit some spectacular wineries or spend a unique day with friends. Here are some of the benefits:

Don't spend time traveling from the airport. Some of the most popular winery destinations are quite a distance from a major city. But instead of renting a car or driving yourself a few hours from the city, you can take a helicopter charter straight from the airport.

Forget about having to plan the best route. If you're not familiar with an area, you might have trouble figuring out how to plan the most efficient trip from one winery to the next. You may end up spending time back tracking or even getting lost -- limiting your time for tasting wine.

See the views. Vineyards are planted on some of the most beautiful land in the U.S. Fly over it and see other natural features like rivers, lakes and mountains.

Get a great view of how the wineries are laid out. For a perspective that you'd never get by driving, you can see how each vineyard intersects with others and what other agriculture is present in the area.

Relax and don't worry how much you drink. You won't have to be concerned about drinking too much or limiting yourself to a glass or two, because you won't be responsible for driving. Everyone in your party can consume whatever amount of alcohol they prefer.

Meals are often included. Depending on the type of tour you choose, your helicopter charter trip may include lunch at one of the wineries, which is already planned for you. You don't have to figure out where or how much you'll eat -- or stop by default at some fast food restaurant along the way.

Helicopter charters can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pamper yourself and have a truly special and unique vacation outing. If you'd like more information about helicopter charters for wine tasting, sightseeing or other recreational opportunities, talk to your vacation planning specialist.