Self Storage Tips For Homeschoolers

As a homeschooler, you have probably collected quite a few books and supplies over the year, not to even mention the different kits and tools for science and other more hands-on subjects. These items are quite an investment, so it makes sense that you want to save them to use with younger children once they are old enough. Yet, it can be hard if you don't have the space. Fortunately, a storage unit can offer the perfect solution. The following tips can help you store everything safely.

Tip #1: Clean up the workbooks

Many homeschoolers opt not to write inside workbooks so they can be used again, but that doesn't mean a few errant pencil marks haven't made their way in. Before storing, flip through all of your books and erase any answers that have been marked. For reusable workbooks, like dry erase cursive practice books, make sure the dry erase pads are wiped clean. It can become harder to fully erase both graphite and dry erase markers if it's not done promptly.

Tip #2: Store books safely

All of your textbooks, reading books, and workbooks require careful storage. Stack them in a plastic storage tub with the spines down – this protects the spines from splitting in storage. Throw a packet of silica gel crystals, which you can purchase from craft stores or save from other purchases, into the box to absorb any moisture. The combination of the silica and the plastic tub ensures that you won't have to worry about mildew or moisture damage when you retrieve the items.

Tip #3: Clean up your supplies

Supplies, such as science kits, globes, or microscopes, also need careful preparation. First, make sure any batteries are removed so they don't leak acid and ruin the item. Next, make sure all liquids and powders are in tightly sealed containers. Everything should be wiped clean with a damp cloth, as well. Finally, store items in heavy-duty boxes or plastic tubs so they are protected during storage.

Tip #4: Decide on your storage system

When it comes to homeschool supplies, you really have two choices for storage organization – by grade level or by subject. Go with the option that works best for you and your education style. If you organize by grade level, it may make sense to have a single tub holding all school items for that year. For items that may be used over several years, such as math manipulatives or science items, split them into either subject bins or into broader grade bins, such as an early elementary bin or a middle school bin. The key is to make sure you can quickly find the items when you need them.

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