Table Covering Ideas For Event Managers

As an event manager, you know that the tablescapes are often the main décor items that set the mood for your client's events. You also need to be able to switch up the look and appearance within 24 hours, so that your classy ballroom setup for an important fundraiser one night is ready to transform into a 1970s disco for a high school reunion the next. The following are a few ways you can change the look of the tables and tablescapes quickly between events.

Invest in plenty of linens

Or, at least contract with a supplier that can rent you linens quickly and with a fast turn around time. If your event center stocks their own linens, you need to have a few standard color options on hand. This includes white or ivory, black, a deep red, and blue. These colors can be adapted to almost any event. You can then flesh out the inventory with more colors as you see fit. For example, if you are the go-to event center for a local college's events, then invest in linens in the school's colors.

Change it up with table drapes

Table drapes are placed on top of the tablecloth to add a touch more color. The layered fabric also provides a luxury look. Most drapes are made of sheet fabric and some colors may have a metallic sheen. Drapes are much less expensive than actual tablecloths, so if you are on a tight budget, invest in black and white or cream tablecloths, and then use the rest of the budget to get drapes in a broad range of colors.

Don't overlook the skirts

Skirting is often needed around buffet tables and other tables that aren't meant for seating. This is especially the case if these are folding tables, since you don't want ugly metal legs to show. Simple skirts are sufficient. For these, you usually want to opt for darker colors, such as black or navy, so there is no need to invest in a large array of colors. Another option is spandex linens. These hug the bottom of the table tightly instead of draping like a skirt. This makes a table look like it is sitting on top of a pedestal instead of legs.

Table toppers

If luxury events are common in your event center, why not also add some metal toppers to your décor offerings? These can be purchased or rented. Aluminum table toppers, for example, resemble brushed steel or nickle. They are placed on top of the table to give it the look of a metal tabletop. There are also brass and copper styles available. You can use table toppers with both standard and spandex skirts. They are especially well-suited to use on drink bar tables or serving tables, since the surface wipes clean easily.