5 Must-Have Features Office Chairs Should Have In Your Medical Office

There are a lot of staples and supplies that are an all-out must in a medical office setting for your staff. However, one furnishing that often gets disregarded is the office chair. Office chairs could easily be where some members of your staff spend the majority of their time. Therefore, they truly deserve a lot of attention when you are tracking down the right models. To ensure you get the most fitting chairs for your medical office work environment, there are five features you should be looking to find. 

Ample Lumbar Support - Lumbar support is especially important in offices where employees will likely be sitting for much of the day. Without proper support, the person sitting in the chair will tend to lean forward, which discourages good spinal alignment and can even lead to posture problems with time. 

Easy-to-Maintain Surfaces - In a medical setting, keeping the chairs used by your employees clean and germ free will be a concern if the seats are coated in cloth that is nearly impossible to clean or disinfect because of its porosity. Go with office chairs that have vinyl or leather-covered cushions and armrests so you are not left with germ- and bacteria-ridden chairs that could contribute to workplace illnesses. 

Portability - Make sure the chairs you choose are lightweight enough to be easy to maneuver. They should also have good, sturdy caster wheels so the chair can roll if necessary so workers do not have to pick up the chair to position it into place. This is also helpful for receptionists and office staff who often switch between one task and the next, such as waiting on patients and answering the phone, because they can scoot the chair easily instead of having to stand up. 

Adjustable Height - Not every person is the same height, so it is only ideal to have a chair that can be adjusted to each employee's leg and body length. Chairs that have a hydraulic suspension offer the most functional height adjustment, but as long as the chair allows you to move the seat down and up it will be just fine. 

Armrests - Many office managers see armrests as an unnecessary commodity with office chairs. Yet, armrests are actually a good feature to have for your employees. You can also get chairs that actually have detachable armrests, which can work well if some employees prefer not to use them.