5 Tips to Help You Get More Out of Your Needle-Felting Machine

Needle felting offers a unique way to design everything from a small, fuzzy toy for your little one to a pair of one-of-a-kind mittens. While having a quality needle-felting machine is step one, this isn't the only thing you need to complete your crafts. There are a handful of other things you need to be successful; here are just some of them.

Choose the Right Materials

Start off with the right materials for your projects. If you're a beginner, consider starting off with a wool-blend felt or fleece. These materials are easier to manage, and that is important while you're still learning. Once you get the hang of this, you can then start experimenting with different varieties.

Play Around with the Needles

It doesn't matter whether your machine comes with 10, 12, or some other number of needles; you are not required to use each needle all the time. This is an especially helpful tip when it comes to detail work in smaller areas, as working with a smaller number of needles gives greater control and precision.

Don't Forget the Glue

You can make things a lot less complicated for yourself if you aren't forgetting to glue down your pieces. When completing appliqué pieces, go ahead and glue them down before you feed them through the felting machine. This will ensure that the pieces stay in place for you, and this can also enhance your precision level.

Fix Broken Needles Right Away

Even if you aren't using all your needles at one time, if one breaks, make sure you're replacing it right away. Even though the needle is broken, the mechanism that makes it move is not. Failure to replace will result in large holes in your work. Even if this doesn't completely damage the needle, this will have an effect on the appearance of your project. Fix the problem, or else you'll end up with wasted materials.

Be Patient

The most important thing to remember is that you must be patient. If you're able to needle-felt like a pro after only a few tries, great. However, if you can't, don't necessarily assume you're doing something wrong. Even if you're following all the machine's guidelines as well as these tips and are taking your time, it generally takes a little while to master this skill, so be patient.

Whether this is something you do as a pastime or as a new business venture you are embarking on, being prepared to use your needle-felting machine will help. Talk to a company that produces these machines, such as Felt Loom, for more tips.