Out of College and Looking for a Job as a Park Ranger? 2 Tips to Help You

If you have finally finished college with a degree in forestry, one job that you can get with this type of degree is a park ranger. If you have decided to pursue a career in this area, you may find it difficult to get your first job. This is because there may be competition and sometimes it is difficult if someone does not have a lot of job experience. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of finding a great job, two of which are listed below. 

Have a Great Resume

One of the most important things you can do is to have a great resume. This is the first thing a potential employer looks at and it is like looking at you on paper.

A good resume will be detailed. For example, instead of saying something like "I wrote 10 articles on forestry practices," you should put something like "I wrote 10 articles on forestry practices, generating 100,000 page views."

Your resume should start out with a great summary to draw the potential employer's attention. This summary will show your years of experience, any achievements you have, and your job history. Bold text should be used throughout the resume to draw people's eyes to the important points.

If you have never written a resume or have little experience doing so, you should hire a professional resume writing service to write it for you. This will ensure you have a great resume to hand over to potential employers.

For more tips on writing a great resume, talk to a company like JWC Professional Resume Services.

Get Some Experience

Even though you have a degree in your hand, you still need experience in the forestry industry. For the first year, work in a park as an entry-level employee. You will find the job market in this industry is highly competitive. Because of this, you can volunteer at municipal, state, county, or national parks. If they see you are doing a good job, they may hire you full-time.

You can find many volunteer programs in the area, depending upon where you live. This will give you a good taste of what working as a park ranger will be like and will look great on your resume.

A park ranger has a wide variety of duties, from putting out a forest fire to helping someone that is lost on the park. No matter what you do, the above tips should help you get a job much quicker.