Using Your Self-Storage Unit As A Bulk Office Supply Closet

Purchasing office supplies in bulk can be a great way for your business to save money, but those supplies can take up precious space in your office. If you want to take advantage of bulk sales without piles of paper towels and coffee cans taking over your space, consider renting a self-storage unit. Here are just some ways you can organize your items and use your self-storage unit for your business.

Safely Store Pantry Items

Pantry items you use in your break room or reception area should be stored off of the floor. Consider using a tall supply cabinet with doors to organize and store these items. The doors will help to prevent dirt, dust, and even pests from damaging your pantry items. Label each shelf so your staff knows where to put newly purchased items, and use a first-in, last-out system for stocking your office. This means that the newest items should be placed toward the back of the shelves in the cabinet, which prevents items from expiring.

Keep A Supply List

Keeping a supply list in the unit will help you to know what you have on hand and which items you may need to purchase soon. Use two clipboards for this task, and hang them from hooks near the front of the unit. Fill out a new sheet for incoming supply inventory every time you purchase new supplies, and have your staff use the other clipboard to jot down any supplies you are running low on. This will give you a ready-made shopping list every time you need to purchase new supplies.

Organize Items By Use

Organization is the key to finding the supplies you need. Use free-standing bookshelves to store your items, and dedicate each set of shelves to a specific purpose. For example, one set of shelves can be used for cleaning supplies, such as paper towels, spray cleaner, and vacuum bags, while another can be used for desk supplies, such as pens, printer paper, and ink cartridges. Label the shelves so your staff knows where to put newly purchased items.

Set A Cleaning Schedule

You'll want to make sure your self-storage unit is tidy so your staff can always find what they need. Create a regular cleaning schedule for your unit, and take this time to sweep the floor, check to make sure items are on their assigned shelves, and throw away any trash leftover from opening bulk supply packages.

With a little preparation and an organization system, you can use your self-storage unit as a handy off-site supply closet.