Four Benefits of Outsourcing Your Law Practice's Transcription Work

If you are looking to save time and money for your law practice, one area to focus on might be transcription work. Using a legal transcription service instead of doing the work in-house provides many benefits. The following are four of them.

Your transcription needs are scalable

If you experience a surge in transcription work, there will be no bottle neck at your firm. Everything can be done quickly. A legal-transcription company has a large pool of workers available to get large projects done, so you don't have to experience the delay in getting the work done by in-house paralegal workers or legal secretaries. If your law practice is experiencing growth, you won't have to hire people for more transcription work; you will just give more work to a transcription-service company. Unlike your law firm, this type of company is designed to handle an increase in transcription work.

Outsourced transcription is lower in cost

Like many other types of outsourcing work, there is a savings in payroll expenses such as taxes and employee benefits such as medical insurance when you outsource. With a transcription service, you are paying by the job. In addition, you are not burdened by a commitment to employing one or more people full time. You pay only for the work that you need at the time you need it. There is no cost associated with managing employees, and you don't have to spend money hiring new people when someone is dismissed or leaves the firm.

The transcription work is done quickly

In general, you will find that the speed that a transcription job is done will be faster than it would be with your own people doing the work. This is due to a company breaking down the job into several audio segments and having more than one worker transcribe simultaneously. This gets the work done faster than you would be able to do it, unless you had a large workforce, but this is cost prohibitive for most law practices. Even with fast turnaround time, some transcription companies will offer an expedited service that can help in certain situations where you are pressed for time.

Legal transcriptionists have specific skills

These are skills that benefit attorneys. The workers are well versed in legal terminology and also have specific skills in the type of transcription work needed by lawyers, such as transcribing audio verbatim. Due to the nature of much of this type of work, transcriptionists often sign non-disclosure agreements.

There is no reason to make a large commitment to this service. Get a quote from a company like JR Transcription, and if you like the price, simply have one job done. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised by the result.