Three Ways Your Church Can Use A Self-Storage Unit

Your church may offer a lot of programs and services to your parishioners, but finding space to hold all of the equipment can be a challenge. A self-storage unit can free up space in your church that you can use for activities while keeping your supplies neatly tucked away until you need them. It can also be used as a satellite location for some of your activities. Here are just a few ways you can use your self-storage unit for your church.

Rummage Sale Organization

You may collect items throughout the year to sell at a rummage sale, which can help you to generate revenue for your church. Finding a place to store and organize these items, however, can be difficult. Use your self-storage space as a command center for your rummage sales. Have your parishioners drop off donations every Sunday before services, and have someone drive them over to the storage unit at the end of the day. Set up tables to organize donations and price them for sale. Keep a supply of plastic bins ready to place similar items together. When it's time to set up your sale, simply transport the bins filled with your sale items. This makes it easy to set up your sale tables.

Choir Practice

Finding quiet space in your church to practice music can be a challenge, particularly on weekends when your building is busy with activity. Consider using your storage space as a choir practice area so your parishioners have the space they need to perfect their favorite hymns. You could also use this space to store choir robes, chairs, and old musical instruments.

Youth Group Activity Center

Your self-storage space is also a great place to store supplies for your youth group, and you can get even more use out of the room by letting your youngest parishioners participate in activities in the storage unit. Be sure to have at least one parent and staff member available at all times to assist the children while they are away from the church, and come up with creative ways to use the space. It can be a crafting center for creating projects based on the Bible, or it can be a place where the children prepare for bigger events, like church camping trips, by learning how to pack and unpack a tent. Be sure to get permission from the parents before having them travel to the storage facility as an added precaution.

Of course, there are many other options for your storage unit to benefit your church. The space could be used to host 12-step program meetings, store nativity scene pieces, or even function as an office for your church. Don't be afraid to use your creativity to make this space an extension of your church. Although it's important to check with the storage facility for what items and activities are allowed inside a storage unit.