Storage Unit Tips For Merchants

If you plan to entrust your inventory to a storage unit, there are a few questions that you will want to ask about each storage unit on your list. Here are the top tips as you attempt to successfully rent storage space for your business. 

Learn About the Clientele

You can tell something about a storage unit by the type of clientele they attract. Ask if they are used to dealing with merchants and businesses at the storage facility. Some storage units offer storage that is geared towards the commercial set. They may offer added security options as well as commercial insurance.

Learn About Security

Many types of storage unit security are available. The locking system is one important feature. Some units include electronic lock systems that allow you to program in your own code; this will help you to reset the security if you suspect that someone has tried to get into your unit. Some of these systems even alert you each time your storage unit is accessed. If your storage unit doesn't have electronic locks, you can still increase the security by adding your own locks, such as adding a padlock to a door that's controlled by a bolt lock.

Ask for Insurance Options

Some storage units give some insurance to protect your items. You would need to declare the value of the items in your unit and then pay an additional premium for insurance. But you could also add the storage unit location onto your commercial property insurance. It's important to note that your inventory isn't automatically covered by your insurance company if it's kept offsite from your main workspace, though.

Negotiate Deals

If you are a merchant who plans to use self storage as a space for your inventory, you are probably a longer term customer. Storage units love to get these kinds of clients, so they might be willing to give you discounts and offer additional perks to get you to sign a contract; it never hurts to ask.

Pack Your Items Well

The final part comes down to how you organize and pack your storage unit. Make sure that items cannot get damaged in storage when you need to move boxes or inventory around. For things like electronics, that might mean using padding to protect screens from getting scratched. It also means stacking boxes carefully so that none of the stacks topple. Storage shelves can be helpful both for easy access and safekeeping. 

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