Best Outdoor Sign Types In Wet Climates

Choosing the most viable sign for outdoor use in a moist or rainy climate is a must if you want to protect your investment. Certain types of signs and designs are simply a better choice because they are resistant or impervious to moisture-induced damage. The following guide can walk you through the options so you can make the most informed decision.


Vinyl banners are a versatile and durable option. Choose banners when you will be hanging the sign, either against your building or between two sign posts. These are nearly impervious to moisture damage when on display. If wind is also a concern, make sure the banner includes vent cut-outs to prevent tearing. Most good quality banners have grommets for the tie-down locations. In wet climates, make sure the grommets are either galvanized or made of plastic so that rust won't be an issue. The only concern with moisture and vinyl is during storage – make sure the banner is completely dried before rolling it up so that mildew doesn't grow on the surface.


An a-frame sign board is a favorite if you need a free-standing sign. When looking at a-frames, avoid wood models. Although durable, repeated exposure to moisture can cause the wood to swell or rot. Instead, opt for a vinyl or plastic a-frame. You also want to avoid boards that allow you to insert information into a clear window, since condensation can build up inside this window. Instead, use a variety that allows you to write on in with erasable chalk markers. These markers don't rinse off in the rain, but you can easily erase and change the information with the right cleaning fluid.

Acrylic signs

If you need a sign board, such as the main sign for your business, acrylic is your single best option in a wet climate. Unlike metal signboards, which can rust or corrode over time, acrylic can spend years exposed to rain without any damage. Even better, it's a versatile material. It comes in nearly any color you could need. You can also have it cut to a specific shape. Choose a sign where the letters and designs are printed directly onto the acrylic base. This is more durable than the style that uses a vinyl decal over the acrylic, since the decal will eventually begin to fade or peel from repeated moisture exposure.

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