Myths Surrounding Vaginal Full Spectrum CBD Suppositories For Menstrual Pain

Many women struggle immensely with menstrual pain. The pain can be so severe and debilitating that it makes it difficult to go to work and handle all those usual responsibilities. Vaginal CBD suppositories are helping some women find relief, but there are many myths associated with this type of treatment. 

Myth: Vaginal CBD suppositories are pretty likely to cause you to get an infection

Contrary to this kind of popular myth, vaginal suppositories created with CBD are not likely to cause most people to get any type of vaginal infection. The manufacturers of these products take great care to ensure the ingredients used are natural, gentle, and unlikely to cause harm to the vagina or upset the natural pH balance of this delicate part of a female's body. For example, Relief-brand suppositories are created from natural cocoa butter. The top brands may also use ingredients like coconut oil or olive oil. 

Myth: Vaginal CBD suppositories are stronger than CBD tinctures you take orally

Even though many women will feel the effects of a vaginal CBD suppository faster, it is not because the suppositories are formulated with a higher concentration of CBD at all. The suppository does not have to go through the digestion process, enter the bloodstream, and then go through the endocannabinoid system before it works to alleviate your menstrual pain. You are placing the suppository in the vagina and close to the area that is causing you pain, so you may feel the effects faster than you would with an orally taken product.

Myth: You can't use vaginal CBD suppositories during menstruation

Many women mistakenly believe that they cannot use a CBD suppository while they are on their period, but that is not the case. You simply insert the suppository in much the same way that you would a tampon. The solid suppository will dissolve rather rapidly once it is placed inside of your body. 

Myth: A lot of CBD suppositories do not last long enough to bother with for menstrual pain

If you have severe pain when you are on your period that lasts for several days, you may assume that a suppository would not likely do you a lot of good. However, this is one homeopathic remedy that is well worth giving a try because it is something that can bring you several hours of relief. Many women find that they only need to use one suppository per day to alleviate their menstrual pain.

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