3 Reasons To Have A Home Inspected Using Infrared Building Testing Before You Purchase It

Infrared building testing is a versatile tool that can detect problems hiding in a home's wall cavities. Using an infrared camera, a contactor can detect temperature differences behind a home's drywall, which allows them to see issues that can potentially be very serious, such as moisture buildup inside of a wall cavity. If you're planning on purchasing a home, it's a good idea to add infrared building testing to the standard pre-purchase home inspection — the ability to see behind drywall allows infrared testing to spot problems that can't be seen otherwise. [Read More]

Why Your Hotel Needs Its Own Wastewater Treatment System

Many manufacturing facilities and other, large-scale, industrial businesses have their own wastewater systems. It's not as common for regular commercial businesses to handle their own wastewater treatment in-house, but this doesn't mean that investing in a wastewater treatment system won't be right for your business. If you run a hotel, you should know that your hotel needs its own wastewater treatment system for these reasons and more. A Lot of Wastewater is Probably Generated in Your Facility [Read More]

Features to Get In Patio Home Screen Enclosures

For homeowners that want to protect their patio from bugs or the elements, they have the option of purchasing a screen enclosure. It's a great system worth considering if you like spending time around your property's patio area. If you get an enclosure with these things, you'll appreciate this patio accessory all the more. 1. Unrestricted View Putting a screen enclosure around the patio area is a great way to protect things, but you still want to be able to see through this structure. [Read More]

What Tools Do You Need To Aerate Your Lawn?

Do you feel like it's time to aerate your lawn, but you're not sure what tools you need to get the job done? It will help to know the difference between these three tools that are at your disposal and when they are appropriate to use. Solid Tine Aeration You will want to use a solid tine aerator when you have soil that is a bit sandy because it allows you to easily make holes in it. [Read More]